How To Juice Delirium Maps

Delirium maps in Path of Exile are challenging instances that offer exciting gameplay mechanics and increased difficulty. Juicing these maps refers to the process of enhancing their rewards and difficulty by adding various modifiers. By introducing additional map modifiers, players can increase the density of monsters, improve the drop rate of valuable items, and create more engaging encounters.

Understanding how to properly juice delirium maps is crucial for maximizing the potential rewards they offer. In this guide, we will dive deep into the different ways you can juice your delirium maps, ensuring an exhilarating and fruitful experience.


To juice Delirium maps, follow these steps in detail:

1. Prepare your maps:
Start by selecting the Delirium maps you want to juice. Make sure you have a good mix of different map tiers for variety.

2. Apply the Delirium Orb:
Acquire Delirium Orbs, which can be obtained from various sources such as Delirium encounters, trade, or drops. Right-click on the Delirium Orb in your inventory and select the map you want to juice.

3. Plan your mods:
Before applying the Delirium Orb, it’s essential to plan the mods you want on your maps. Consider your build and goals, such as wealth farming, experience gain, or specific drops.

4. Use the Delirium Orb:
Approach the Map Device in your hideout or Maps area. Insert the map you want to juice and add the Delirium Orb from your inventory. Make sure you have enough Simulacrum Splinters to apply the Orb.

5. Enter the juiced map:
Activate the juiced map by using the Map Device. As you enter the map, you will notice a fog starting to spread around you.

6. Clear and collect rewards:
Explore the map while defeating monsters. As you progress, the delirium mist will intensify, increasing the difficulty and rewarding you with more loot. Keep an eye out for unique enemies and encounters, as they often drop valuable items.

7. Manage your loot:
As you clear the map, be mindful of your inventory space. Regularly visit the stash to deposit your valuable items and make room for more loot.

8. Complete the map objectives:
While juicing the map, make sure to complete all the map objectives, such as killing the map boss or clearing the league mechanics specific to that map.

9. Rinse and repeat:
Once you have cleared the map and collected your rewards, repeat the process with other maps and Delirium Orbs to maximize your chances of obtaining valuable loot.

10. Sell or use the loot:
After juicing multiple maps and collecting a significant amount of loot, you can choose to either sell the valuable items for currency or use them to further enhance your character. Remember, the juicing process can be tailored to your specific goals and preferences. Experiment with different map mods, strategies, and Delirium Orbs to find the method that suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What strategies or techniques can be used to efficiently juice delirium maps in Path of Exile?

To efficiently juice delirium maps in Path of Exile, build a strong map pool with high item quantity and monster pack size. Use scarabs and sextants to increase the rewards, add strong prophecies, and apply currency crafting to obtain desired modifiers. Additionally, investing in a loot filter and utilizing map modifiers wisely can further optimize the farming efficiency.

How can players maximize the rewards and loot drops in delirium maps without getting overwhelmed by the increased difficulty?

To maximize rewards and loot drops in delirium maps without overwhelming difficulty, players should focus on building well-rounded characters with high survivability and damage output. Additionally, utilizing skills and gear that can clear large areas efficiently and quickly will allow players to maintain progression and collect ample rewards without succumbing to overwhelming enemies.

Are there any specific build recommendations or gear choices that can help players successfully navigate and juice delirium maps?

Some build recommendations for navigating and juicing Delirium maps include choosing fast clear speed builds such as Cyclone or Blade Vortex, investing in increased area of effect and maximum life on gear, using Vaal skills for burst damage, and equipping flasks for movement speed and survivability.

Are there any known tricks or tips for managing the delirium mechanic in maps to achieve higher levels of progression and rewards?

To effectively manage the delirium mechanic in maps and achieve higher progression and rewards, prioritize killing enemies within the mist to extend the duration. Utilize movement skills to quickly navigate through the map, pay attention to loot drops, and adapt your build to handle challenging encounters.


To maximize efficiency when juicing Delirium maps, consider the layout and density of monsters. Utilize movement and area-of-effect skills to clear packs quickly and efficiently. Prioritize map modifiers that increase monster density and reward drops.

Allocate time consciously to ensure a smooth and profitable run.