How To Juice Clementines

Clementines, with their sweet and tangy flavor, are incredibly refreshing and nutritious fruits that make for delicious juice. Their small size and thin skin make them easy to handle, making the juicing process quick and efficient. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, clementine juice is not only a tasty treat but also a healthy choice.

Whether you plan to enjoy it on its own or use it as a base for creating flavorful beverages, juicing clementines is a simple yet satisfying way to add a burst of citrus goodness to your day.


To juice clementines, follow these steps in detail:

1. Gather the necessary supplies:
You will need fresh clementines, a cutting board, a sharp knife, a citrus juicer or reamer, a bowl, and a fine-mesh strainer (optional).

2. Prepare the clementines:
Wash the clementines under cold water to remove any dirt or residue. Pat them dry with a clean towel.

3. Cut the clementines:
Place a clementine on the cutting board and slice off both ends using the sharp knife. This will create a stable base for juicing.

4. Extract the juice:
Take one of the clementines and hold it firmly in one hand. Using the citrus juicer or reamer, press it into the flesh of the clementine, rotating it back and forth to extract the juice. Squeeze until no more liquid is coming out. Repeat this process for all the clementines.

5. Strain the juice (optional):
If you prefer pulp-free juice, you can strain it using a fine-mesh strainer. Place the strainer over the bowl and pour the juice through it. Gently press the pulp against the strainer to extract any remaining juice.

6. Serve and enjoy:
Transfer the freshly squeezed clementine juice into a serving container or glass. You can serve it chilled over ice or enjoy it as it is. Store any leftover juice in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. Note: You can adjust the sweetness of the juice by adding a small amount of honey or sugar if desired. Stir well to incorporate the sweetness before serving.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best method to juice clementines effectively?

To juice clementines effectively, start by rolling them gently on a countertop to loosen the juice. Then, cut them in half horizontally and squeeze each half firmly over a juicer or a citrus reamer. This method allows for maximum juice extraction without any unnecessary interjection.

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Are there any specific tools or equipment needed when juicing clementines?

Tools and equipment needed when juicing clementines include a citrus juicer or reamer, a knife or peeler to remove the peel, a cutting board, a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth to strain the juice, and a juicing pitcher or glass to collect the juice.

What are some tips or techniques to extract maximum juice from clementines?

To extract maximum juice from clementines, roll them firmly on a flat surface before juicing. This helps break down the fruit’s internal fibers and releases more juice. Additionally, microwaving the clementines for a few seconds or soaking them in warm water can make them juicier.

Can the juicing process be simplified or made more efficient when working with a large quantity of clementines?

The juicing process can be simplified when working with a large quantity of clementines by using an electric juicer or commercial juicing equipment. These machines can extract juice more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required for manual squeezing.


In conclusion, juicing clementines can be a simple and refreshing process. Start by thoroughly washing the fruit and then carefully extracting the juice using a citrus juicer or by hand. Enjoy the citrusy goodness on its own, or mix it with other fruits for a delightful blend.