How To Juice Blighted Maps

This guide aims to provide a brief introduction on the concept of juicing blighted maps. Juice refers to the act of adding multiple modifiers to a map in order to increase its difficulty and rewards. Blighted maps are unique maps in the game that focus on the Blight encounters, where players defend against hordes of enemies.

By adding various modifiers to these maps, players can enhance the Blight encounters, making them more challenging and potentially offering greater rewards. In the following discussion, we will explore the different ways to juice blighted maps and the benefits it can bring to players.


To juice blighted maps, follow these steps in detail:

1. Prepare your juicing setup:
Before you start juicing, make sure you have all the necessary items ready. You will need blighted maps, catalysts, oils, and a juicer.

2. Choose the right maps:
Select the blighted maps you want to juice. Consider factors like map tier, difficulty, and rewards when making your selection.

3. Apply catalysts:
Use catalysts on the blighted maps to enhance the rewards. Catalysts can add extra monsters, increase monster difficulty, or increase item quantity.

4. Apply oils:
Apply oils to the blighted maps to modify the rewards and increase the chances of obtaining specific loot. Different combinations of oils can yield different results, so experiment with various combinations to find what works best for you.

5. Enhance the blight encounter:
Utilize unique blight passives, enchantments, or annointed rings/amulets to modify the mechanics or increase the difficulty of the blight encounter within the maps.

6. Juice the maps:
Run the juiced blighted maps, paying attention to the extra monsters, increased difficulty, and modified rewards. Be prepared for challenging encounters and make use of your character’s abilities and strategies to overcome them.

7. Collect the loot:
After successfully completing the juiced blighted maps, collect the enhanced rewards and loot dropped by the monsters. Make sure to thoroughly search the area for any additional drops.

8. Repeat and refine:
Continue juicing blighted maps, adjusting the catalysts, oils, and other enhancements as needed. Keep experimenting and refining your approach to maximize your rewards and enjoyment. Remember to plan your resources wisely and adapt your strategy based on your character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best strategies for juicing blighted maps to maximize loot and experience gains?

To maximize loot and experience gains while juicing blighted maps, focus on enhancing the monster count using scarabs, sextants, and map modifiers. Use Legion Scarabs, Anarchy, and Bloodlines modifiers for more drops and extra monsters. Utilize builds that specialize in clearing large areas quickly and efficiently.

How can we effectively manage the increased difficulty of juiced blighted maps without compromising our survival?

Effectively managing the increased difficulty of juiced blighted maps requires careful planning and strategic decision-making. Prioritizing defensive structures, utilizing crowd control skills, and ensuring adequate damage output are essential. Collaborating with other players, sharing resources, and adapting strategies will help maintain survival while overcoming the challenges.

Are there specific map modifiers or combinations that work particularly well when juicing blighted maps?

Yes, there are specific map modifiers and combinations that work well when juicing blighted maps in Path of Exile. Some effective combinations include using “Monsters deal x% extra damage” with “Monsters have x% increased maximum life” to increase the challenge and rewards. Additionally, the “Players have x% reduced flask charges gained” modifier can also enhance the difficulty for better rewards.

What are some effective ways to scale the difficulty of blighted encounters in juiced maps while still maintaining efficient clear speeds?

Some effective ways to scale the difficulty of blighted encounters in juiced maps without sacrificing clear speeds include optimizing your build’s damage output and survivability, utilizing crowd control skills and tactics, and strategically placing and upgrading towers. Additionally, making use of powerful support gems, flasks, and unique items can further enhance your character’s capabilities.


In conclusion, to juice blighted maps effectively, players should focus on utilizing high-tier map modifiers, such as increased monster pack size, increased monster rarity, and increased item quantity. Additionally, investing in strong build mechanics and properly managing resources, like Scarabs and Fragments, can significantly enhance the blight encounters and increase potential rewards.