How To Juice Blighted Maps Poe

Blighted maps in Path of Exile offer unique challenges and rewards, making them an enticing choice for experienced players. These maps are special versions of regular maps where players encounter hordes of infected monsters. However, to truly maximize the potential of these blighted maps, players can juice them up by utilizing various strategies such as adding scarabs, sextants, and fragments to increase difficulty and rewards.

By doing so, players can further enhance their gameplay experience and increase the chances of obtaining valuable items and currency. With a little planning and careful resource management, juicing blighted maps in Path of Exile can provide thrilling encounters and substantial loot.


To juice blighted maps in Path of Exile, follow these detailed steps:

1. Acquire a blighted map:
Obtain a blighted map by either finding one as a random drop or purchasing it from other players through the in-game trade system.

2. Check the map mods:
Before juicing the map, check the mods it has. Mods can greatly affect the difficulty and rewards of the map. Decide if you want to keep the mods or modify them using currency items such as Orb of Alchemy or Chaos Orbs.

3. Use currency to modify the map:
If you decide to modify the map, use currency items such as Orb of Alchemy to reroll the map’s mods. This can increase the map’s difficulty, but also improve the potential rewards.

4. Add Zana’s mod (optional):
If you have access to Zana, an NPC master, you can pay her with a certain amount of Chaos Orbs to add a specific mod to the map. These mods can further increase the rewards or allow specific encounters to occur.

5. Apply anointing oils (optional):
Anointing oils can be used to apply Enchantments to your blighted map. Each oil has different enchantments, so choose the ones that best suit your playstyle or build.

6. Complete map bonus objectives:
To gain additional rewards and increasing the map’s item quantity, fully clear the map by killing all the monsters and completing all the bonus objectives.

7. Allocate Atlas Passives (optional):
If you’ve unlocked certain Atlas Passives, allocate them to further improve the rewards and experience gained from the blighted map.

8. Call for help (optional):
If the blighted map becomes too difficult, consider calling upon other players for assistance or join groups specifically formed for tackling blighted maps. This can greatly increase your chances of success.

9. Collect rewards:
After successfully completing the blighted map, collect the rewards that it drops. These can include valuable items, currency, and other valuable resources.

10. Repeat the process:
To continue juicing blighted maps, repeat the above steps with new maps or maps you have acquired again. Experiment with different modifiers, strategies, and item combinations to find the most lucrative and enjoyable experience. Remember to adjust the process according to your preferences and playstyle, as well as any changes or updates made to the game mechanics. Enjoy juicing your blighted maps in Path of Exile!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I effectively juice blighted maps in Path of Exile?

To effectively juice blighted maps in Path of Exile, focus on increasing monster count and item quantity. Use scarabs, sextants, and prophecies to enhance drops. Utilize anointed oils, annuls, and enchants for tower upgrades.

Also, prioritize using anointed amulets and timeless jewels to further boost rewards.

What strategies can I employ to maximize loot and rewards in blighted maps?

To maximize loot and rewards in blighted maps, focus on building defensive towers strategically to efficiently clear the waves. Utilize characters with crowd control abilities and prioritize upgrading towers. Assignments and a good balance of speed and damage upgrades will provide a higher chance of success and better rewards.

Which mechanics should I focus on to increase the difficulty and potential rewards of blighted maps?

To increase the difficulty and potential rewards of blighted maps, focus on mechanics such as upgrading map tiers, improving the quantity and quality of the map, utilizing blight-specific modifiers, enhancing the tower defense gameplay, and optimizing your character’s build for better defenses and damage output.

Are there any specific map mods or items that can enhance the blighted encounters in Path of Exile?

There are several map mods that can enhance the blighted encounters in Path of Exile, such as increased rewards, additional reward chests, increased monster pack size, and increased experience gain. Additionally, players can use items like Blight Scarabs or unique maps like Simulacrum to further enhance their blighted encounters.


In conclusion, efficiently juicing blighted maps in Path of Exile involves several key strategies. Prioritize monster density and modifiers that enhance loot drops. Utilize prophecies, sextants, scarabs, and map modifiers wisely.

Focus on increasing map completion bonuses and consider utilizing unique items or skills to maximize rewards.