How To Juice A Bbcor Bat

Juicing a BBCOR bat has been a controversial topic in the world of baseball. This practice involves modifying the bat to enhance its performance, leading to increased power and distance during hits. While it is important to note that altering a bat’s performance is against regulations, we will discuss the process and potential consequences later.

By understanding the steps involved in juicing a BBCOR bat, it becomes apparent why it is widely discouraged due to safety concerns and the potential for unfair play.


To juice a BBCOR bat, follow these steps in detail:

1. Gather the necessary equipment:
You will need a BBCOR bat, a bat rolling machine, bat rolling oil, and a cloth or towel.

2. Prepare the bat rolling machine:
Set up the bat rolling machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure it is securely mounted or stabilized on a firm surface.

3. Apply bat rolling oil:
Apply a thin layer of bat rolling oil to the bat barrel. Use a cloth or towel to spread the oil evenly, covering all sides and surfaces of the barrel. This will help lubricate the bat during the rolling process.

4. Load the bat into the rolling machine:
Carefully place the BBCOR bat into the rolling machine, making sure the barrel is centered and aligned properly with the rolling mechanism. Securely tighten any clamps or straps to hold the bat in place.

5. Begin the rolling process:
Turn on the bat rolling machine and set it to the desired rolling pressure. Start rolling the bat by manually cranking the machine handle or using any automated features provided. Make sure to roll the bat in both directions to evenly distribute the pressure and maximize the juicing effect.

6. Adjust the pressure and repeat:
As you roll the bat, periodically check its performance and flexibility. If desired, adjust the rolling pressure to increase or decrease the juicing effect. Repeat the rolling process multiple times, gradually increasing the pressure and roll intensity if needed.

7. Monitor the bat’s condition:
During the rolling process, pay close attention to any signs of stress or damage on the bat. Stop rolling if you notice cracks, dents, or excessive deformation that may compromise the bat’s integrity. It’s important to prioritize the bat’s longevity and safety.

8. Test the juiced bat:
Once you are satisfied with the juicing process, remove the bat from the rolling machine. Take some practice swings or hit some balls to test the bat’s performance and feel. Note any improvements in distance, power, or sweet spot responsiveness.

9. Maintain and care for the juiced bat:
After juicing the BBCOR bat, regularly clean and maintain it to preserve its performance. Wipe off any excess bat rolling oil and store the bat in a cool, dry place. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the bat’s surface. Remember, juicing a bat may have an impact on its durability and warranty. Be sure to consult with the bat manufacturer or retailer to understand any potential consequences and guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What steps should be followed to properly juice a BBCOR bat?

To properly juice a BBCOR bat, follow these steps: 1) Begin with a certified BBCOR bat. 2) Rotate the bat and examine it for any defects. 3) Place it in a towel and apply moderate heat, such as a hairdryer, for a short period of time.

4) Allow the bat to cool down naturally. 5) Repeat the process multiple times to gradually increase the bat’s exit speed.

Are there any specific tools or materials required for juicing a BBCOR bat?

To juice a BBCOR bat, you will need specific tools and materials including a drill with a 3/8-inch bit, a bat rolling machine, epoxy resin, a syringe, and a pressure gauge. These tools and materials are necessary to create an illegal alteration to the bat, increasing its performance and power.

What are the potential risks or consequences of juicing a BBCOR bat?

The potential risks or consequences of juicing a BBCOR bat include an increased risk of injury to the pitcher or fielders due to excessive ball speed, violation of league rules leading to penalties or disqualification, and loss of reputation and credibility for the player and team involved.

Are there any legal or ethical implications associated with juicing a BBCOR bat?

There may be legal implications related to juicing a BBCOR bat, as altering the bat’s performance can violate league rules or regulations. From an ethical standpoint, juicing a bat may give a player an unfair advantage over opponents, compromising the spirit of fair competition in a game.


In conclusion, it is important to note that tampering with a BBcor bat by juicing it is against the rules and can lead to severe consequences. Honesty and fair play are integral to the game of baseball, and it is crucial to respect the integrity of the sport by using bats within their designated performance standards.