How To Get Slap Juice In Fortnite

Slap Juice, widely known as Shield Potion in Fortnite, is a crucial item that provides players with additional shield points during the game. It can help users remain protected against enemy attacks and increase their chances of survival. Obtaining Slap Juice requires careful exploration and looting within the game world, where players can find it in various locations, such as chests, supply drops, or as floor loot.

Proper management and utilization of Slap Juice can greatly enhance a player’s gameplay experience, offering them a competitive advantage and increased resilience in the intense battles of Fortnite.


To get Slap Juice in Fortnite, follow these steps in detail:

1. Start by launching Fortnite and accessing the game lobby.

2. Once in the lobby, navigate to the “Items” tab. This can usually be found at the bottom of the screen or in the corner of the user interface.

3. In the “Items” tab, scroll through the available items until you find Slap Juice. Slap Juice is typically found in the consumables category.

4. Select Slap Juice from the list of available items. This will bring up a prompt asking if you want to add it to your inventory.

5. Confirm your selection by clicking on the appropriate button, typically labeled “Add to Inventory” or similar.

6. Once Slap Juice is successfully added to your inventory, you can access it during gameplay.

7. Start a match by selecting a game mode, such as Solo, Duos, or Squads.

8. During the match, periodically check your inventory by using the assigned key or button. The default hotkey for accessing inventory is usually “I” on PC.

9. Locate Slap Juice in your inventory and select it. This will activate the item, granting its effects.

10. Slap Juice provides a temporary increase in health and shield. Enjoy its benefits during battles and use it strategically to gain an advantage over opponents. Remember, Slap Juice is a consumable item, so once you use it, it will be removed from your inventory. Look for it during looting or find it as supply drops throughout the game to replenish your stock. Good luck and have fun in Fortnite!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different methods to obtain slap juice in Fortnite?

Slap Juice can be obtained in Fortnite through various methods. Players can find it as floor loot, in chests, supply drops, or vending machines. Additionally, it can also be acquired by eliminating other players who possess it.

Slap Juice provides shield regeneration for the players, enhancing their chances for survival.

Is there a specific location or area within the game where slap juice can be frequently found?

In the game, “slap juice” can be commonly found in various locations or areas. Players often discover this refreshing beverage while exploring different levels, dungeons, or hidden spots. Whether obtained through defeating enemies, scavenging treasure chests, or purchasing from in-game vendors, slap juice provides a boost to the player’s health or energy.

Can slap juice be acquired by looting chests, eliminating opponents, or through other means?

Slap juice can be obtained by looting chests, eliminating opponents, or via other methods. This valuable resource can empower players by replenishing their health and granting a shield. Whether scavenging during battle or defeating enemies, the acquisition of slap juice can greatly enhance one’s chances of victory in the game.

Are there any specific strategies or tips for effectively obtaining slap juice during gameplay?

To effectively obtain slap juice during gameplay, prioritize looting areas with high probability of finding it, such as supply drops or defeated enemies. Keep an eye out for glowing mushrooms or consumable items that grant slap juice. Additionally, consider using characters with abilities that increase drop rates or visit marauders’ camps where slap juice is often found.


In conclusion, obtaining Slurp Juice in Fortnite requires a strategic gameplay approach. Players should focus on searching for Supply Drops and Chests, completing challenges and quests, and looting defeated enemies. Prioritizing these tasks, staying aware of the storm’s movement, and utilizing building skills will greatly increase the chances of acquiring this valuable item.