How To Get Oden Juice Persona 3

Oden Juice is a highly sought-after item in the popular video game, Persona 3. This unique juice offers various benefits to the player’s character, such as restoring health and boosting certain stats. Obtaining Oden Juice requires a specific set of steps and interactions within the game.

By following a certain procedure and completing specific tasks, players can acquire this powerful item to aid them in their battles and adventures. In the following discussion, we will delve into the detailed procedure on how to obtain Oden Juice in Persona 3.


To make Oden Juice in Persona 3, follow these steps in detail:

1. Gather ingredients:
The ingredients you will need to make Oden Juice are 1 Oden Bowl and 1 Chestnut.

2. Obtain Oden Bowl:
Oden Bowls can be obtained by purchasing them from vending machines in various locations in the game. You can typically find vending machines in areas such as the school campus or the shopping district.

3. Find a Chestnut:
Chestnuts can be obtained by exploring Tartarus, the main dungeon in Persona

3. Chestnuts are commonly dropped by Shadows in various floors of Tartarus, so make sure to defeat them to collect Chestnuts.

4. Cook the Oden Juice:
Once you have both the Oden Bowl and the Chestnut, go to the protagonist’s room in the game and interact with the desk. This will allow you to cook recipes. Select the Oden Juice option from the available recipes and confirm your selection.

5. Enjoy the Oden Juice:
After cooking the Oden Juice, it will be added to your inventory. You can access it from the Items menu. Use the Oden Juice as needed, whether it’s for restoring HP or as a gift for social links. Remember, Oden Juice can be a valuable resource in Persona 3, so make sure to gather the necessary ingredients and cook it whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the specific ingredients needed to prepare Oden juice in Persona 3?

Oden juice in Persona 3 requires specific ingredients, including konjac, boiled egg, daikon radish, fish cake, tofu, and soy sauce. These ingredients are combined and simmered in a flavorful broth, creating a comforting and nourishing beverage.

Can you share a step-by-step process or recipe on making Oden juice in Persona 3?

To make Oden Juice in Persona 3, follow these steps: 1. Collect oden ingredients (Radish, Fish Cake, Boiled Egg). 2.

Go to the school kitchen. 3. Interact with the stove and select “Make Oden.

” 4. Choose the desired ingredients. 5. Wait for the cooking process to complete. Enjoy your freshly made Oden Juice!

Are there any particular places or NPCs in the game where one can obtain Oden juice ingredients in Persona 3?

Oden juice ingredients can be obtained from various places and NPCs in Persona 3. Some locations include the Paulownia Mall’s beverage vending machines, the Fuuka Yamagishi’s Fortuneteller booth, and occasionally as rewards from completing certain quests or events throughout the game.

Are there any alternative methods or shortcuts to obtaining Oden juice in Persona 3, rather than following the traditional recipe?

There are no known alternative methods or shortcuts to obtaining Oden juice in Persona 3. The traditional recipe must be followed to create this unique item, providing no shortcuts or alternative routes to obtain it within the game.


In conclusion, obtaining the Oden Juice in Persona 3 requires diligent exploration and socializing within the game. Interacting with specific characters and completing their requests is essential. Planning and maximizing your time management skills will guide you towards acquiring this sought-after item successfully.