How To Get Juice Wrld Dreads

Juice WRLD, the talented American rapper and singer, was known for his distinctive dreadlock hairstyle. If you’re inspired by his iconic look and are considering getting Juice WRLD-inspired dreads, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information. From discussing the procedure to offering tips and tricks, we will delve into the world of hairstyle transformation.

Embracing Juice WRLD’s style and adding your unique touch to it can be an exciting journey, so join us as we explore how to achieve the charismatic and trendy dreads that made Juice WRLD such a fashion icon.


To achieve Juice WRLD-inspired dreadlocks, follow these steps in detail:

1. Prepare your hair:
Start with clean, dry, and detangled hair. If your hair is not already long enough, you may need to allow it to grow out to the desired length.

2. Section your hair:
Divide your hair into small sections using a rat-tail comb. The size and number of sections will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. Smaller sections will result in thinner and more defined dreadlocks, while larger sections will create thicker dreadlocks.

3. Backcomb each section:
Take one section of hair and hold it taut. Starting from about 1-2 inches from the roots, use a fine-toothed comb to backcomb the hair in short, quick strokes towards the roots. This will create a tangled and texturized base for the dreadlock.

4. Twist the section:
After backcombing, twist the section of hair tightly in one direction from the roots to the ends. This twisting motion helps the hair lock together and form a dreadlock.

5. Apply a locking product (optional):
If you want to speed up the dreadlocking process or enhance the hold, you can apply a locking gel or wax to each twisted section. Be sure to use a product specifically designed for dreadlocks and apply it sparingly to avoid buildup.

6. Secure the dreadlock:
Once twisted and product is applied, use a small rubber band or a hair clip to secure the twisted section at the roots. This will help keep the dreadlock in place while it matures and tightens.

7. Repeat the process:
Continue steps 3-6 with each section of hair until your entire head is filled with dreadlocks. Take your time and be patient, as this process can be time-consuming depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

8. Maintain and care for your dreadlocks:
As your dreadlocks mature, it’s important to maintain and care for them regularly. This includes washing them with a residue-free shampoo, avoiding excessive manipulation or pulling, and periodically retwisting any new growth at the roots. Remember, creating dreadlocks is a personal choice and it’s essential to embrace and respect the cultural significance of this hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can one achieve the signature style of Juice Wrld’s dreadlocks?

To achieve Juice Wrld’s signature dreadlock style, start by growing out your hair at least 6-8 inches in length. Then section your hair into equal parts and twist each section tightly from roots to ends. Allow the twists to naturally lock over time by not combing or brushing your hair.

Maintain your dreads by regular washing and retwisting.

What are some steps one must follow to get dreads like Juice Wrld’s?

To achieve dreads like Juice Wrld’s, one must follow a few important steps. These include growing out the hair to an appropriate length, forgoing regular shampoo and conditioner, sectioning the hair into equal-sized parts, and backcombing each section to form tight knots. Regular maintenance and occasional retightening are also essential for healthy, well-formed dreads.

Are there any specific hair care routines or products that can help in achieving and maintaining Juice Wrld’s dreadlocks?

To achieve and maintain Juice Wrld’s dreadlocks, a regular hair care routine is essential. This includes washing the hair with residue-free shampoos and using a locking gel or cream to help the hair lock up. Regular palm rolling and retwisting are also necessary to maintain the dreadlock’s shape and keep them tight.

Are there any recommended hairstyles or techniques that can assist in the process of growing dreads similar to Juice Wrld’s?

There are several recommended techniques to assist in the process of growing dreads similar to Juice Wrld’s hairstyle. These include methods such as palm rolling, backcombing, and crocheting. Additionally, maintaining a healthy haircare routine, avoiding excessive washing, and using specialized dreadlock products can promote healthy and efficient dread growth.


In conclusion, to achieve Juice WRLD’s signature dreadlock hairstyle, it is important to first allow the hair to grow to a sufficient length. Regularly wash and moisturize the dreads, while also avoiding excessive manipulation or harsh chemicals. Embrace a patient and consistent hair care routine to achieve the desired look.