How To Get Dash Juice Mhw

In Monster Hunter: World (MHW), Dash Juice plays a vital role in enhancing stamina management during hunts. This consumable item significantly prolongs your stamina bar, allowing for more evasive maneuvers, sprinting, and powerful attacks. Obtaining Dash Juice requires certain materials and knowledge of the crafting process.

By following specific in-game procedures and utilizing specific items within the world of MHW, you can successfully create Dash Juice potions. These simple steps will ensure that you have a steady supply of Dash Juice at your disposal, enabling you to take on even the most challenging monsters without worrying about stamina limitations.


To obtain Dash Juice in Monster Hunter World, follow these steps in detail:

1. Gather the necessary materials:
To make Dash Juice, you will need a Catalyst and a Dash Extract. Catalyst can be crafted by combining Honey and Bitterbug, while Dash Extract can be obtained as a reward from completing certain quests or as a drop from certain monsters.

2. Access the Crafting Menu:
To access the crafting menu, press the Options (PS4) or Menu (Xbox) button to open the main menu. From there, navigate to the crafting section.

3. Navigate to the Drink section:
Within the crafting menu, locate the section that displays various consumable items and select the “Drink” category. This category typically includes stamina-restoring drinks like Dash Juice.

4. Select Dash Juice:
Once in the Drink section, locate Dash Juice from the list of available options. It should be listed as one of the drinks that can be crafted with the materials you have gathered.

5. Confirm the crafting process:
Select Dash Juice from the list and choose the option to craft it. The game will inform you of the required materials and prompt you to confirm the crafting process.

6. Craft Dash Juice:
After confirming, the game will use the Catalyst and Dash Extract in your inventory to create Dash Juice. The crafting process may take a few moments.

7. Collect your Dash Juice:
Once the crafting process is complete, the Dash Juice will be added to your inventory and can be accessed in the consumables section.

8. Use Dash Juice:
To use Dash Juice, access your inventory during a hunt or quest and navigate to the consumables section. Select the Dash Juice and choose the option to use it. Your hunter will consume the drink, and its effects will take effect. Remember, Dash Juice is particularly useful for extending the duration of your stamina bar, allowing you to perform more stamina-consuming actions without getting tired easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some effective methods to obtain Dash Juice in Monster Hunter World, as it is essential for maintaining stamina during hunts?

Some effective methods to obtain Dash Juice in Monster Hunter World include farming ingredients from endemic life such as Nitroshrooms and Exciteshrooms, completing certain quests and bounties, and occasionally receiving it as a reward from investigations or as a bonus for capturing monsters.

Could you explain the different ways to farm Dash Extract, a key ingredient in crafting Dash Juice, in Monster Hunter World?

There are three primary ways to acquire Dash Extract in Monster Hunter World: completing certain quests, hunting specific monsters like Tzitzi-Ya-Ku or Azure Rathalos, or by gathering from bonepiles in the Elder’s Recess. These methods will enable players to gather the essential ingredient for crafting Dash Juice.

Are there any specific quests or events that offer a higher chance of obtaining Dash Juice or its ingredients in Monster Hunter World?

There are no specific quests or events that offer a higher chance of obtaining Dash Juice or its ingredients in Monster Hunter World. The availability of this item depends on random drops from various gathering points, monsters, and rewards.

Are there any alternative sources or substitutes for Dash Juice that players can rely on to maintain stamina in Monster Hunter World?

Some alternatives or substitutes for Dash Juice in Monster Hunter World include Mega Demondrug, Energy Drink, or Cool Drink. These items can provide temporary stamina boosts or prevent stamina depletion in different situations, offering players more options to manage and maintain their stamina during hunts.


In conclusion, obtaining Dash Juice in Monster Hunter World can be accomplished by combining Nitroshrooms with a Catalyst at the Elder Melder, or by receiving it as a quest reward or from plundering monsters. Utilizing Dash Juice can greatly enhance mobility and stamina management during hunts, aiding in successful mission completion.