How To Get Dash Juice Mhr

In Monster Hunter Rise, Dash Juice is a highly sought-after item that greatly enhances a hunter’s stamina and stamina recovery rate. It provides a significant advantage in battles, allowing for longer and more intense combat sessions. Obtaining this valuable resource can prove to be a challenging task, as it requires the successful completion of certain quests or the acquisition of specific materials.

By understanding how and where to obtain Dash Juice, hunters can sharpen their skills and be better prepared for their battles in the game. Detailed procedures and strategies will be discussed in the subsequent sections to ensure success in gathering this powerful consumable.


To make Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise, follow these steps in detail:

1. Gather the Ingredients:
You will need two Nitroshrooms, two Dash Extracts, and one Well-Done Steak. Nitroshrooms can be found in the Flooded Forest or the Shrine Ruins areas, while Dash Extracts can be obtained from certain monsters or through the Argosy trade. Well-Done Steaks can be cooked from raw meat or obtained from a Supply Box during quests.

2. Craft the Dash Juice:
Access your Item Pouch or Box and navigate to the Crafting List. Look for the Dash Juice option and select it. Confirm the crafting process by pressing the appropriate button.

3. Use the Dash Juice:
After crafting the Dash Juice, exit the menu and access your Item Pouch. Scroll through your items and locate the Dash Juice. Highlight it and press the Use button to consume it.

4. Enjoy the Effects:
Once consumed, Dash Juice provides a temporary stamina boost and prevents the stamina bar from decreasing for a certain duration. This can be especially useful during hunts or other challenging quests. Remember to be strategic in using Dash Juice as it has a limited effect duration. Plan your consumption wisely based on the length of the quest or the monster encounter. Following these steps will help you craft and use Dash Juice effectively in Monster Hunter Rise. Enjoy your hunts with a stamina boost!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I obtain Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise without relying on interjections during a hunt?

To obtain Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise, players can combine Nitroshroom and Spicy Herb. Collect Nitroshrooms in volcanic regions or purchase them from merchants. Spicy Herbs are found through gathering or by completing quests.

Combine these items in the crafting menu or ask companions to trade them.

Are there alternative methods or strategies to acquire Dash Juice in MHR that avoid interrupting the flow of combat?

There are alternative ways to acquire Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise without interrupting combat flow. One method involves crafting it using Nitroshrooms and Exciteshroom at the Buddy Smithy. This allows hunters to replenish stamina without needing to pause or leave the battle.

Is there a specific gathering spot or area in the game where Dash Juice can be reliably obtained without engaging in battles with monsters?

In the game, Dash Juice, a consumable item that boosts stamina recovery and prevents stamina depletion, can be obtained without battling monsters. The specific gathering spot for Dash Juice varies, but it can often be found in supply boxes or as a reward for completing specific quests or challenges.

Are there any specific item combinations or crafting recipes that yield Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise, without the need for interjections during hunts?

In Monster Hunter Rise, Dash Juice can be crafted by combining Nitroshroom and Catalyst at the Buddy Smithy. This recipe allows players to obtain Dash Juice without the need for interjections during hunts, providing a handy stamina boost for those intense battles.


In conclusion, obtaining Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise can be achieved by completing Village Quest 4-star “Wroggie Fever” or by purchasing it from the Argosy trader. Additionally, cultivating Might Seeds and Mandragoras in the Botanical Research Center can be an efficient method to craft Dash Extracts, which can then be combined with Catalysts to create Dash Juice.