How To Farm Dash Juice Mh Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, Dash Juice is a valuable resource that provides a temporary boost to stamina and reduces stamina depletion when performing actions such as running and dodging. Farming Dash Juice can be an essential task to ensure that you always have a sufficient supply for your hunts. By knowing the most efficient methods and locations for obtaining Dash Extract, the primary ingredient for crafting Dash Juice, you can maximize your productivity and reduce the time spent on resource gathering.

Let’s dive into the numerous approaches and strategies that can be utilized to effectively farm Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise.


To farm Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise, follow these steps in detail:

1. Gather the necessary materials:
Before you start farming Dash Juice, make sure you have the required materials. You will need Nitroshroom and Dash Extract. Nitroshrooms can be found in various areas of the game, such as the Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forest. Dash Extract can be obtained by completing quests or hunting specific monsters, such as the Great Izuchi or Rathian.

2. Set up your farm:
Visit the Argosy Captain in the Buddy Plaza and select the option to set up the Argosy. This will allow you to send your Buddies to gather resources for you, including Nitroshrooms. Make sure you have enough points to cover the cost of sending your Buddies on resource gathering missions.

3. Send your Buddies on resource gathering missions:
Speak to the Argosy Captain again and select the option to send your Buddies on missions. Choose the resource gathering mission that targets Nitroshrooms. Send them out and wait for the mission to be completed. Note that it may take some time for your Buddies to return with the desired resources.

4. Repeat the process:
Once your Buddies return with Nitroshrooms, repeat the step of sending them on resource gathering missions to obtain more. This will allow you to accumulate a sufficient amount of Nitroshrooms for crafting Dash Juice.

5. Craft Dash Juice:
Once you have gathered an ample supply of Nitroshrooms, head to the Item Box or your Camp’s Crafting List. Select the option to craft Dash Juice and choose the quantity you wish to make. Crafting Dash Juice requires Nitroshrooms and Dash Extract. Confirm the crafting process and wait for it to complete.

6. Use Dash Juice:
Now that you have successfully farmed Dash Juice, you can use it during hunts to increase your stamina recovery rate and reduce stamina depletion. Equip Dash Juice in your Item Pouch and consume it during a quest whenever you need a stamina boost. Following these steps will help you effectively farm Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise, ensuring a steady supply for your hunting adventures. Remember to periodically check on your Buddies’ resource gathering progress and repeat the process as needed to maintain a sufficient stock of Nitroshrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can farmers effectively cultivate the ingredients needed to produce dash juice in Monster Hunter Rise?

To cultivate the ingredients for dash juice in Monster Hunter Rise, farmers must first obtain the required seeds. Once acquired, they should plant them in the field and water them regularly. Applying fertilizer boosts the growth process.

Timely harvesting results in a bountiful supply of ingredients for making dash juice.

What are the essential steps involved in setting up a successful dash juice farm in MH Rise?

The essential steps to set up a successful dash juice farm in MH Rise include selecting the best location for the farm, planting Nitroshrooms, cultivating Honey, creating a Water and an Insect Glaive-themed sub-camp, and utilizing a Kelbi to maximize resource gathering efficiency.

Could you provide some insights into the optimal cultivation techniques and strategies for maximizing dash juice production?

To maximize dash juice production, efficient cultivation techniques and strategies include promoting healthy growth by using high-quality soil, ensuring adequate water supply and sunlight, maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels, providing sufficient nutrients, implementing regular pruning, managing pests and diseases, and following proper harvesting and processing methods.

Are there any specific considerations or challenges that farmers should be aware of when it comes to farming dash juice in MH Rise?

When farming Dash Juice in Monster Hunter Rise, farmers should consider the limited availability of Nitroshrooms, the main ingredient needed. Challenge lies in either finding specific gathering points or cultivating them with specific fertilizers. Efficient gathering routes and maximizing fertilizer usage are crucial for consistent production.


In conclusion, to effectively farm Dash Juice in MH Rise, players should prioritize hunting Kelbi and collecting their materials. Additionally, utilizing the Botanical Research Center to cultivate Dash Extract is crucial. Finally, regularly completing resource center quests and gathering during expeditions will also increase the chances of obtaining this valuable item.