How To Can Rhubarb Juice

Rhubarb juice can be a refreshing and tangy beverage that captures the delightful tartness of this unique vegetable. Canning this juice allows you to preserve its vibrant flavor and enjoy it throughout the year. Whether you have an abundance of rhubarb from your garden or you simply love the distinctive taste, canning rhubarb juice is an excellent way to make the most of this seasonal treat.

In this guide, we will discuss the step-by-step procedure to safely can rhubarb juice, ensuring its long shelf life while retaining its naturally sweet and sour essence.


To make rhubarb juice, follow these steps in detail: Step 1: Gather the ingredients – Fresh rhubarb stalks (around 2 lbs or as desired) – Water (approximately 4 cups) – Sugar or sweetener (to taste) – Lemon juice (optional, for added flavor) Step 2: Prepare the rhubarb – Wash the rhubarb stalks thoroughly under running water. – Remove any leaves and trim off the ends of the stalks. – Cut the stalks into small pieces, around 1 inch in length. Step 3: Boil the rhubarb – Place the chopped rhubarb into a large pot. – Add water to cover the rhubarb completely. – Bring the water to a boil over medium heat. – Reduce the heat and simmer for about 15-20 minutes, or until the rhubarb gets soft and mushy. Step 4: Strain the mixture – Once the rhubarb has softened, remove the pot from heat. – Place a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth over a clean bowl or pitcher. – Carefully pour the cooked rhubarb mixture into the sieve, allowing the juice to strain through while catching any pulp or solids. Step 5: Sweeten the juice – Measure the amount of rhubarb juice obtained. – For every cup of juice, add around 1/4–1/2 cup of sugar or sweetener, adjusting to taste. – Stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves completely. (You can also use honey or other natural sweeteners instead of sugar if you prefer.) Step 6: Enhance the flavor (optional) – To add a hint of acidity and brightness to the juice, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. Start with 1-2 tablespoons and adjust according to preference. Step 7: Chill and serve – Allow the rhubarb juice to cool before refrigerating. – Once cooled, transfer the juice to a clean, airtight container and place it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight to chill thoroughly. – Serve the rhubarb juice over ice, or you can dilute it with cold water or soda for a refreshing beverage. – You can also pour the juice into ice cube trays to make rhubarb juice cubes, which can be added to other drinks or used in recipes. Enjoy your homemade rhubarb juice!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the necessary steps to properly can rhubarb juice?

To properly can rhubarb juice, start by washing and sterilizing the canning jars in boiling water. Then, chop the rhubarb into small pieces and simmer it with water until tender. Strain the mixture, add sugar to taste, and heat it again.

Lastly, fill the jars, leaving some headspace, and process them in a water bath for the recommended time.

What specific ingredients and equipment are required for canning rhubarb juice?

To can rhubarb juice, you will need rhubarb stalks, sugar, water, and lemon juice. Equipment includes a large pot for boiling the jars, a canner or pressure cooker, canning jars with lids and bands, a jar lifter, a funnel, a ladle, a bubble remover, and a timer.

How long should rhubarb juice be processed in a canner in order to ensure its preservation?

To ensure the preservation of rhubarb juice, it should be processed in a canner for approximately 15 minutes. This process helps eliminate any bacteria or microorganisms that could cause spoilage, ensuring that the juice can be stored safely for an extended period of time.

Are there any additional tips or techniques to prevent the formation of air bubbles when canning rhubarb juice?

To prevent air bubbles when canning rhubarb juice, it is advisable to remove any trapped bubbles in the juice before canning. This can be done by gently stirring the juice or tapping the jar on a flat surface. Additionally, ensuring proper headspace, using a debubbler or spatula to release air, and following approved canning methods can help minimize air bubble formation in the jars.


In conclusion, canning rhubarb juice is a simple process that can be done by following a few key steps. By sterilizing the jars, preparing the juice, and using a water bath canning method, you can safely preserve the vibrant flavors of rhubarb for future use.