How To Add Peach Juice On Starbucks App

The Starbucks app is a convenient platform for ordering your favorite beverages and customizing them to your liking. If you are a fan of the refreshing taste of peach juice, you’ll be delighted to know that you can easily add it to your order through the app. With just a few simple steps, you can personalize your drink by incorporating the delightful flavor of peach juice.

Stay tuned as we explore the process further and guide you on how to add this fruity twist to your Starbucks experience.


To add peach juice on the Starbucks app, follow these steps in detail:

1. Open the Starbucks app:
Launch the Starbucks app on your mobile device. Make sure you are logged in to your account.

2. Navigate to the menu:
Look for the menu icon, usually represented by three horizontal lines, located at the top left corner or bottom navigation bar of the app. Tap on it to open the menu options.

3. Find “Beverages”:
In the menu, scroll down or look for the “Beverages” category. Tap on it to expand the selection.

4. Search for “Juices”:
Within the “Beverages” category, you should find a subsection for “Juices”. Tap on it to explore the available juice options.

5. Locate “Peach Juice”:
Scroll through the list of juices until you find “Peach Juice”. Starbucks may offer different variations or combinations with peach, such as peach lemonade. Choose the specific peach juice you want to add.

6. Customize your order:
Once you have selected the peach juice, you might have the option to customize it further. This may include choosing the size, adding ice, or specifying any other preferences you have. Make the desired selections for your drink.

7. Add to your cart:
After customizing your order, tap on the “Add to Cart” or similar button. This will add the peach juice to your virtual shopping cart within the app.

8. Proceed to checkout:
To finalize your order, navigate to the cart or checkout section within the app. Review your order details to ensure accuracy.

9. Complete the purchase:
Follow the prompts and instructions provided by the app to complete the purchase. This may include providing payment information and confirming the order.

10. Wait for confirmation:
Once you have completed the purchase, wait for the app to provide confirmation that your order has been successfully placed. You may receive an estimated pick-up time or delivery information, depending on your chosen options. Remember to check the app periodically for updates on your order status and pick-up instructions. Enjoy your peach juice from Starbucks when it’s ready! It’s important to note that specific steps or options may vary depending on the version of the Starbucks app you are using, your location, and any ongoing promotions or changes implemented by Starbucks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What steps should I follow on the Starbucks app to add peach juice to my beverage selection?

To add peach juice to your beverage selection on the Starbucks app, open the app, tap on “Order,” browse the menu, select your preferred beverage, click “Customize,” choose “Add-In,” then search for and select “Peach Juice.” Finally, proceed with your order and enjoy your customized drink.

Can you please guide me through the process of including peach juice as an additional ingredient when ordering through the Starbucks app?

To include peach juice as an additional ingredient when ordering through the Starbucks app, follow these steps: Open the app, select your preferred drink, customize your order, choose “add-ins,” locate the “juices” section, and finally, select peach juice. Complete your order, and enjoy your personalized Starbucks beverage with the added touch of peach flavor.

Is there a specific section within the Starbucks app where I can easily add peach juice to my desired beverage?

Within the Starbucks app, there may not be a specific section to easily add peach juice to your desired beverage. However, you can customize your drink by mentioning your preference for peach juice to the barista while placing your order either in-store or through the app.

Are there any tips or tricks to remember when attempting to incorporate peach juice into my Starbucks order using the mobile app?

To incorporate peach juice into your Starbucks order using the mobile app, customize your iced tea by selecting “Custom” under beverages, then choose “Iced Tea.” Add the desired size, select “Peach Juice” under “Flavors,” and complete your order. Simple and refreshing!


In conclusion, adding peach juice to the Starbucks app can be achieved by following a few simple steps. Navigate to the “Customize and Enhance” section, locate the “juices” category, and select “peach juice” as an additional ingredient to enhance your favorite Starbucks beverage. Enjoy the refreshing taste of peach in your personalized Starbucks drink!